Parade Groups and their Members

Thank you for participating in the Annual Portland Pride Parade! Over the years, the Portland Pride Parade has grown to be one of the largest Pride parades on the west coast with participants in the thousands, and cheering crowds along the route in the tens of thousands. For this reason, we have adopted a number of policies designed to keep our community and its allies safe while also able to enjoy Pride. We appreciate and value your support and cooperation in ensuring that the Portland Pride Parade remains welcoming and safe for all of us!

  1. Contingent participants must follow all local, state and federal laws, as well as Pride Northwest policies and procedures.

  2.  All contingent participants must follow all Pride Northwest representative directives at all times.

  3.  All applicants are responsible for any and all acts and/or omissions on their part, or on the part of their agents, volunteers and/or employees that may result in injury or damage to themselves, their agents, employees, or third parties. Applicant specifically agrees to indemnify and to hold Pride Northwest and its agents, volunteers and employees free and harmless and to defend it from any and all claims arising out of such acts or omissions.

  4. Weapons of any kind are prohibited in the Portland Pride Parade.

  5.  During Pride Northwest’s Festival and Parade, there will be photographers and videographers taking digital and traditional photographs and video. The use of these photographs and images is at the sole discretion, right and ownership of Pride Northwest. By completing this form, the participants hereby release to and grant Pride Northwest and its agents any and all interests the participants may have in such photographs or video taken at the events.

  6.  Every contingent must have at minimum 1 monitor who has viewed Pride Northwest’s Monitor training video. Groups are required to have at least one trained monitor for every 25 parade members.

  7.  No contingent shall participate under any other name, or as part of another contingent without pre-parade registration with Pride Northwest. Any contingent “crashing” the parade will be subject to removal and potential exclusion from future events. Groups desiring to march with other groups must request it in a written email to (NOTE-requests are not considered approved without the express written consent of Pride Northwest, Inc.). No parade entry may be reassigned to a third party without express written approval of Pride Northwest.

  8.  Per city rules, the Pride Parade prohibits the throwing of any gifts, toys, food, candy or printed materials from the floats. ‘Handing off’ or giving of printed materials to people directly is PROHIBITED by the City of Portland. If Pride Northwest is fined for documented instances of materials being left on streets or sidewalks, these costs will be charged to identified groups. Repeat violations may result in exclusion from future parades. Unfortunately, Pride Northwest CANNOT absorb fines and we need your cooperation to keep this from happening!

  9.  In order to better facilitate TV and announcement of contingents, signage provided by Pride Northwest, in addition to each contingent’s banner, must be displayed at the front of each contingent by your designated liaison.

  10.  All animals must be on a leash and attended at all times. Each contingent with animal participants must provide cleanup for all waste created by the animals. Waste cannot be left on the streets. Violators will be warned once. If cleanup is not immediately provided, violators will be removed from the Parade staging area and/or assessed a cleanup fee.

  11.  Contingent participants may not solicit money along the Parade route.

  12. Towing costs for any unit that becomes disabled and/or delays the Parade will be at applicant’s expense.

  13. Each vehicle that enters the Parade staging area and/or participates in the Parade must provide, at minimum,  liability insurance. Every driver must provide a valid driver's license.

  14.  Pride Northwest reserves the right to remove any person/s or unit/s from the Parade staging area and/or Parade that, in Pride Northwest’s opinion, is a hindrance to the progress of the Parade, places other participants in danger, or violates any regulation of this application.

  15. Entrant agrees to comply with the rules of the Portland Pride Parade and Waterfront Festival as listed in this form or additional rules deemed necessary for the safe conduct of the Portland Pride Parade and Waterfront Festival and related activities. Failure to comply may cause denial of entry to the parade or jeopardize future parade participation.

  16. Your registration signals agreement and compliance with the Portland Pride Parade Rules.

Festival Exhibits, Vendors, & Attendees

Your purchase signals agreement and compliance with the Festival Booth Rules.

Electricity (500 watt) is an optional add-on, purchased separately, and must be paid for prior to using or connecting to it. Each booth requiring electricity must purchase individual access.


Booths must be paid for prior to the start of the festival. Anyone whose payment has not been received and processed, by Pride Northwest prior to the festival will not be placed in a booth.


  1. Booths may not be shared – one organization per booth, unless express written consent has been given by Pride Northwest.

  2. No 3rd-Party Booths without express consent of Pride Northwest. Purchasers may not re-sell, gift, donate, or otherwise provide a booth or booth access to another party or group.

  3. No exhibitors may sell any food product or beverage. There are no sales of food/beverage/water for onsite consumption, or sampling of prepared food or alcoholic beverages, allowed at exhibitor booths. *Exhibitors may pass out pre-packaged sample foods (i.e. snack bars, etc.).

  4. Exhibitors must agree to keep their booths in operation on both Saturday noon to 8pm, and Sunday 11:30am to 6pm. Failure to do so may result in fines and/or exclusion from future Portland Pride Waterfront Festivals. *This is important! The OLCC requires that we inspect any containers, boxes, carrying cases, bags, etc. going in to or out of the festival during operating hours, something that is not possible to do in any kind of a safe manner. Violation of this may result in the OLCC canceling our permit and immediately shutting down the festival. Please help us ensure the future of Portland Pride by adhering strictly to this policy!

  5. Merchandise and exhibit materials may not be transported through the park while the park is open, or until the OLCC sweep is completed at the day’s end (both Saturday and Sunday). Violation of this policy may result in expulsion from the festival grounds and forfeiture of booth(s), as well as potential exclusion from future Portland Pride Waterfront Festival exhibitor opportunities.*

  6. Pride Northwest reserves the right to adjust reservations and policies at their discretion or as needed in order to manage the Waterfront Festival site.

  7. Exhibitors must comply with all instructions from Pride Northwest agents, safety personnel, and festival staff.

  8. Alcohol/alcoholic beverages for personal consumption may not be brought into (or out of) the festival grounds (due to OLCC rules), and consumption of any controlled or illicit substances are forbidden for any exhibitor, their staff and volunteers, and any festival participant. Participants who consume alcohol prior to admission may be denied entry, and people who use any controlled or illicit substances on festival grounds will be removed.

  9. No smoking, of any kind, is permitted within the festival grounds, per City of Portland park rules. Per the City’s policy, “For purposes of this policy, smoking and tobacco are defined to include, but are not limited to: bidis, cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, clove cigarettes, e-cigarettes, nicotine vaporizers, nicotine liquids, hookahs, kreteks, pipes, chew, snuff, smokeless tobacco, and marijuana.”

  10. Applicant agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend against any action against Pride Northwest, Inc., City of Portland, all sponsoring organizations and their officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against all liabilities whatsoever arising out of its participation in the Portland Pride Parade and Waterfront Festival. Entrant agrees to comply with the rules of the Portland Pride Parade and Waterfront Festival as listed in this form or additional rules deemed necessary for the safe conduct of the Portland Pride Parade and Waterfront Festival and related activities. Failure to comply may cause denial of entry to the festival or jeopardize future festival participation.