Portland Pride Parade June 16, 2019

The Portland Pride Parade is held each year the 3rd Sunday after Memorial Day. Beginning in the North Park Blocks, the 1.1 mile parade route travels through Old Town, continuing South on SW Naito Parkway, ending at SW Pine Street and the entrance to the Portland Pride Waterfront Festival.

Parade REgistration is closed.

Dykes on Bikes and Border Riders Motorcycle Group registration remains open and can be found below.

Response has been overwhelming this year and forces us to limit registrations, opening the Parade Waitlist several weeks earlier than ever before.

Apply to the Parade Waitlist-CLOSED

More parade information can be found here.


In recent years, the City of Portland has billed Pride Northwest for additional clean up costs for the Portland Pride Parade. For that reason, we are re-implementing the mandatory Parade Monitor Program this year! Each contingent is required to identify at least one monitor for every 25 marchers. Monitors will be responsible for knowing and communicating the Portland Pride Parade rules and responsibilities. As you identify your monitors, please have them email Debra at debra.porta@pridenw.org for further instructions.

Thank you for helping us keep parade expenses low and Portland Pride available to all!

Pride Parade

Approximately 150 different groups will participate this year. Individuals who want to march are encouraged to join an ally- or affinity-group that they identify with. Many of the groups who march also exhibit or perform at the Waterfront Festival.

Dykes on Bikes

Dykes on Bikes is a Women’s motorcycle group that, by tradition, opens the Portland Pride Parade. Safety and noise restrictions prevent revving the engines, or making circles or reverses during travel in the parade, but Portlanders still know, when they hear the sound of motorcycles, that the parade has official begun.

Border Riders Motorcycle Club

This is the second year we’ve been joined by this mens’ motorcycle club. Making up the last entry in the parade, the parade is the climax to a weekend road trip and camp out in the Portland area.